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Mutual Recognition
At present, Mutual Recognition has been performed between Eco Mark in Japan and overseas Ecolabelling organizations with the following;
“Copiers EPartial Mutual Recognition - Mutual Recognition related to Certification Criteria based on communalization of Certification Criteria

 Since April, 2002, between the Nordic Swan which the Nordic Ecolabelling Board constituted by Nordic 5 countries manages and Eco Mark, partial mutual recognition of a copiers was commenced. In February 2005, another partial mutual recognition of a copying machine was commenced with New Zealand Environmental Choice as well.
This Partial mutual recognition communalizes the criteria in each system; the examination result of those common requirements enables it to use the standard in each program. In the case that an application of certification for Nordic - Swans or New Zealand Environmental Choice for the copier which has obtained Eco Mark, the examination of common requirements will be eliminated.
 At present, Blue Angel of Germany, is advancing examination about the comprehensive attestation about an Certification Criteria.

Mutual recognition related to examination for product certification-Mutual Recognition to which among Ecolabeling organizations perform examination procedure for each other on behalf.
  At present, the Overseas Ecolabelling program that Eco Mark Office can perform product certification examination on behalf is as follows.
Name of Program(name of ecolabelling organization) Area Logo Mark Homepage/year started, number of Certification Criteria, number of certification product (from Global Ecolabeling Network Annual Report)
Korean Eco-label (Korea Eco-products Institute) Korea

1992, 107categories, 2721products
Green Label(Thai Environmental Institute) Thailand

1993, 39 categories, 147 products
Green Mark(Environment and Development Foundation) Taiwan

1992, 94categories, 2986products
New Zealand Environmental Choice(New Zealand Ecolabeling Trust) New Zealand

1990, 27 categories, 650products